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Pawsitive Press for February ’19


A Proper Dental Cleaning

By: Patrick Hafner, DVM

Recently I have been asked by several clients what my opinion is of the availability of non-anesthetic dental cleanings for their pets. This procedure is also known as non-professional dental scaling. I did not recommend these procedures for many reasons. A complete examination of the dental health of our patients always requires the patient be anesthetized for adequate evaluation.
I know that the anesthetic requirement for proper evaluation can be concerning for the owners with regards to the risk of anesthesia. However, pre-anesthetic evaluation by physical examination […]

Pawsitive Press for January ’19


The Importance of Proper Puppy Socialization

By: Elaina Franklin

Hello everybody! Elaina Franklin here from Positive Solutions Animal Training. I would like to talk to you about a very concerning problem that we, as trainers, are seeing on the rise. It’s very sad to say but the number one reason most of us get called out to evaluate a dog is due to the dog’s reactivity to certain people, animals, places, or other stimuli. After taking a closer look into the situation and having a discussion with the family; we are often able to determine that […]

Pawsitive Press for December ’18


Need a Helping Hand?

By: Julie Katz

Have your finances ever restricted veterinary care decisions? Our pets look to us for everything and when finances prevent us from giving them the very best medical care, the result can be heartbreaking. Veterinary Pet Insurance, Care Credit, and ScratchPay are helpful options when confronting the cost of a veterinary bill. I have worked in the veterinary field for 21 years, and I know that these options have provided financial and emotional relief for many pet parents when helping their sick or injured pets.

Pet Insurance

Veterinary pet insurance […]

Pawsitive Press for November ’18


Pets & Cancer

By: Greg Todd, D.V.M.

Perhaps one of the most devastating diagnoses we as pet parents can receive is the diagnosis of cancer for one of our four-legged family members. It is estimated that more than 50% of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer and that 1 in 4 dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Cats also suffer from cancer. There are fewer available statistics for the frequency of cancer in cats, but there are many treatment options as with our canine companions. No matter how you […]