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Pawsitive Press for October ’18


Herbal Snapshot:

Di Gu Pi San
By: Dr. Michael Bartholomew

The Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine herbal formula Di Gu Pi originated from a classical formula that has been adapted for veterinary use by Jing Tang Herbal in Reddick, FL. This herbal medicine contains 13 different herbs which are combined in a perfect ballet to address arthritic conditions in both our canine and feline patients. In TCVM, the Kidney is said to govern the bone, and one of the possible TCVM pattern diagnoses for arthritis is Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency with Stagnation. This is also known as a […]

Pawsitive Press for September ’18


Oscar the Grouch or Oscar the Ouch?

By: Dr. Christen Woodley

Imagine letting your dog in from the yard and when he comes to you he is limping on one of his legs. You find yourself impulsively checking your medicine cabinet for the usual suspects like Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, etc. But before administering anything to your pet, STOP and call us at the Animal Hospital of Dunedin. Your human pain reliever, or even one you may have that was prescribed to another pet in your house, may not be the right choice for every pet and may potentially […]

Pawsitive Press for August ’18


What is Parvo?

By: Dr. Wade Matthews

I can still remember the first case of parvovirus that I ever saw. Unfortunately, it was only a necropsy sample of a dog’s small intestine in to take back to the University of Florida for evaluation for parvo. I was working in Branford Florida as a veterinary technician the year before I started veterinary school in 1980 and dogs were dying of a new disease in the area and we needed help in solving the dilemma. These dogs would start to become depressed, most would vomit and all of them […]

Pawsitive Press for July ’18


Common Skin Conditions

By: Dr. Patrick Hafner

Skin disease is very common in our canine companions. It is more common in dogs than in the feline population. There are several categories of skin abnormalities that affect dogs. Many of the various skin conditions we treat here at the hospital are either completely cured or controlled with proper treatment. Here are some of the questions we frequently answer.

What are “immune-mediated” skin disorders?
The most frequently treated immune-mediated skin disorder in the canine is Canine Atopic skin disease. This condition occurs when the immune system […]