Veterinary Wellness Exams

Yearly Veterinary Wellness Exams Are an Important Preventative Step in Your Pet’s Health

You, most likely, visit your family doctor once a year but is your pet having their Annual Veterinary Wellness Exam each year?  Yearly Exams are important to your pet’s health because, usually, they age faster than humans do.  So Annual Veterinary Wellness Exams are comparable to you seeing your doctor about every five to seven years.  Yearly Exams are a practical prevention since your Veterinarian can discover potential problems early.  This increases the chances of successful treatment at a lower cost since animals often do not show symptoms until a disease is in the advanced stages.  Since an “Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” it is very important your pets see their Veterinarian at least once a year.

Annual Veterinary Wellness Exams

What to Expect and Discuss with Your Veterinarian during Your Pet’s Annual Veterinary Wellness Exam

During your pet’s yearly Veterinary exam, your Veterinarian will check for the following things to help your pet remain healthy.

  • Ask you about your pet’s health history.
  • Document any changes in age or weight since their last visit.
  • Check your pet for early signs of disease and suggest tests for making an early diagnosis.
  • Ask you about any significant lifestyle changes in your pet such as activity levels.
  • Perform a thorough physical exam of your pet including teeth, eyes, mouth, coat, skin, and paws.
  • Ask you about any changes to your pet’s behavior or interaction levels.
  • Make recommendations on care and foods based on new information on diet and disease that could affect your pet.
  • Based on your comments and the exam, your Veterinarian can individually tailor your pet’s immunization schedule to their individual needs based on age, health, and risk of exposure.

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