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Spay/Neuter Procedure

There are several preventative wellness services that are recommended for all patients we see. The spay/neuter procedure is one of these services. 

Spaying is performed on female pets and neutering is performed on male pets. Both procedures refer to the surgical removal of the reproductive organs. 

Our team of experienced doctors and trained veterinary technicians work together to make sure our patients are safe and comfortable with a successful surgical outcomes. We do so by following strict surgical protocols before, during, and after the procedure, including:

  • Pre-Surgical Blood Panel
  • Carefully Dosed Anesthesia
  • IV Fluids
  • Advanced Surgical Equipment
  • Continuous Monitoring of Vitals
  • Seamless Pain Management

In instances of responsible breeding, unique medical cases, or pets seven years of age or older, we understand that the spay/neuter procedure may not be the right choice for that particular pet. We encourage you to discuss your pet’s options and reproductive care with your veterinarian.

If you have any questions at all about the spay/neuter procedure, we encourage you to start a conversation with your veterinarian.

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

The choice to spay or neuter your pet benefits your pet, you as a pet owner, and the local community as well.

  • For pets, the spay/neuter procedure offers profound health benefits that will contribute to an improved quality of life and longer lifespan. 
  • For pets and pet owners, the spay/neuter procedure supports better behavior in pets – something all pet owners want! 
  • For the local community, the spay/neuter procedure helps to control the problem of pet overpopulation and supports local animal rescues who work so hard to help homeless pets get rescued, all with limited space and resources at the shelters.

Health & Behavioral Benefits of the Spay/Neuter Procedure

The spay/neuter procedure effectively prevents life-threatening diseases, corrects problem behaviors, and rules out unwanted litters. Ultimately, by ruling out breeding-instinct related behaviors, your pet will be happier at home with a temperament that is more affectionate, obedient, and loyal to your family.

For female pets, the spay procedure will:

  • Put an end to heat cycles
  • Prevent unwanted litters
  • Resolve unwanted behaviors such as aggression, urine marking, howling, and the urge to roam
  • Prevent uterine and mammary issues, such as infection and certain cancers

For male pets, the neuter procedure will: 

  • Prevent unwanted litters
  • Resolve unwanted behaviors such as aggression, urine marking, howling, and the urge to roam
  • Prevent prostate diseases and testicular cancers

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