Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding at Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Our pet boarding facility can be your pet’s “home away from home”. Our well trained staff will provide all the space and comfort your pet will need while you are away. Your “baby” will get the love and attention he/she deserves while here in our indoor air conditioned/heated pet boarding facility.
Each pet that stays with us receives a thorough Doctor examination upon admission. During this exam the Doctor will verify that your pet’s vaccinations are current and they will examine your baby for any parasites (fleas, ticks, etc.). For those companions that are not up to date on the required vaccines (please see below), the owner will incur the associated expense, but your attending Doctor will genially administer those vaccines. If the Doctor finds that the pet does in fact have fleas or ticks, we will provide your pet with the appropriate bath or treatment to rid them of those parasites, this will be done at the owner’s expense.

Pet Boarding for Our Canine Companions

Pet Boarding at Animal Hospital of Dunedin for Dogs

The Animal Hospital of Dunedin offers two different boarding accommodations for our canine friends. An eight by four run (usually reserved for larger or multiple dogs) and a smaller, cozier enclosure for dogs under thirty pounds. If you have more than one dog boarding with us at a time and would like them to board together, we will happily set them up as roommates for their time with us (please remember to indicate this on the boarding form). Each canine pet in our care is walked a minimum of three times a day. We do not allow members of different families to play together and each pet is walked separately. However, if you have more than one dog here at a time and would like your pets walked together, we will happily arrange that!
We pride ourselves on keeping a clean and tidy kennel and with that comes a lot of cleaning. For this reason we ask that parents refrain from dropping their pets off with blankets, toys, and bowls while your babies are boarding with us. We do provide those comforts for each of our boarders. However, if you would like to provide your pet with a certain brand/diet of food that we do not carry, please feel free to drop that off with your baby.

Pet Boarding for Our Feline Companions

Pet Boarding at Animal Hospital of Dunedin of Cats

At the Animal Hospital of Dunedin we have a more secluded kitty kennel for our feline friends. Each kitty condo is equipped with a private bathroom, napping and dining area. We can even accommodate two kitties in a condo at a time. As with our canine companions, we do provide all the comforts of home, cozy bedding, litter boxes, food and water bowls (and maybe a bit of cat nip too!), so there is no need for you to drop off any personal items. All our kitties are kept in separate enclosures during their stay. If you have a specific brand/diet that we do not carry, please feel free to bring your baby’s food with them to ensure their comfort while boarding with us.

Pet Boarding Reservations and Vaccination Requirements

If you are interested in boarding your pet you can submit your reservation request below and someone will contact you to confirm the reservation. Please be sure to make reservations for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years at least 2 months in advance, otherwise just a few days is fine. Once your request has been received, you will receive a phone call confirming your reservation. We sure do look forward to seeing you soon.
*If you are boarding your pet with us, we do require confirmation that these particular vaccinations are current:
For Canine Companion(s), the required vaccinations are: Distemper/Parvo, Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel Cough).
For Feline Companion(s), the required vaccinations are: Distemper and Rabies.
**If we discover that that any of these vaccines are outdated we will administer those that are required at the owner’s expense.**