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Our hope is that your pet stays safe with you for a lifetime. The unfortunate truth is that accidents happen to even the most conscientious pet owners, and approximately 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year. That’s a lot of furry family members! 

As your pet’s trusted caretaker, there are a few methods of identification that will help to ensure your pet does not become part of this alarming statistic.

Microchips are the most reliable form of pet identification and most effective at helping lost pets return to their homes. Our professional recommendation is to insert a microchip in your pet sooner rather than later for your pet’s security and your peace of mind. 

Insertion is quick and virtually painless, allowing us to perform the procedure at the same time as other services, such as the spay/neuter procedure or while administering vaccines. 

Once your pet has been microchipped, the next step is to register your pet’s microchip to a national database complete with all your pertinent contact information. If you ever move or change phone numbers, make a note to update your pet’s microchip. Without your current contact information, you will be unable to be reached if your lost pet is found.

Collars and ID tags are also strongly encouraged. These forms of identification are not foolproof like microchips, however they are an added resource and signify to other people that your lost pet has a home and family.

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