"Jack" Runge

Animal Hospital of Dunedin

 – Heartworm Treatment

In the fall of 2010, my Australian Sheppard named Jack was diagnosed with heartworm by the Animal Hospital of Dunedin. There is a series of three shots that can be given for heartworm and is given over a period of two months. At the time of the diagnosis, there was a shortage of serum for the second and third shot. We had to wait a month to start the treatment for the Hospital to get this serum.
Jack Runge – Animal Hospital of Dunedin

The first shot was given to him and even though he was able to leave at the end to go home, I elected to have him stay overnight. The next morning he was more than ready to come home.

The next month, he received a shot early one morning and kept for observation and given another shot the next morning. Except for having to shave an area on his back next to his muscle where they did the injection he seemed to be okay. I did not notice any limping or favoring of the area where they injected the serum. I did, however, notice when the hair started growing out it itched, which is to be expected.

I was told to watch for coughing, rapid breathing and shortness of breath. Fortunately Jack did not have any of those symptoms and it has been approximately four months and except for when something gets caught in his throat does he cough. I have kept him away from strenuous activity and leash walked only (no dog parks), but have not necessarily limited the length of his walks.

As of this writing I have not had another X-ray done to see if the series of shots have worked. Obviously, I hope they have and the heartworm is under control. The experience for me was tense but the treatment he has received was good and I cannot see that it has had any long term effect on him as he does not balk having to go to the Animal Hospital, which can only tell me that he was treated with kindness and respect.

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