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Senior Pet Care

Aches and pains are a natural part of the aging process. At Animal Hospital of Dunedin, our veterinary medical team is trained to keep your senior pet comfortable, healthy, and happy. To do so, we recommend semi-annual wellness visits and specific diagnostic screening services, including blood work, urinalysis testing, digital radiography, and glaucoma screening.

Caring For Your Senior Pet

When your pet enters their golden years, we’d like to see them at least twice a year for a comprehensive check-up. Pets age at a much faster rate than we do, and a lot can happen in six months time. As your pet’s veterinarian, it’s important that we remain vigilant in keeping your senior pet healthy by closely monitoring health trends and staying head of preventable, age-related diseases.

Age-related conditions can easily go under the radar at home until disease progression is advanced. To help our trained clinical care team identify health concerns early on, we recommend blood work, urinalysis testing, digital radiography, and glaucoma screening for all senior pets under our care. These diagnostic tests evaluate organ function, assess vital bodily systems, and test for common age-related health issues. 

  • Bloodwork helps us to identify general conditions such as infection and anemia, as well as age-related conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and so much more.
  • Urinalysis provides insight into your senior pet’s overall health condition, and can pinpoint urinary tract infections, liver disease, and diabetes.
  • Digital radiography provides us with images of your pet’s internal systems, which can highlight conditions such as arthritis and cancer. 
  • Glaucoma screening takes a fast and painless measure of the pressure in each eye. Because glaucoma can cause irreversible blindness, it is highly recommended for all senior pets.

You know your senior pet better than anyone. Please schedule a visit right away if you notice any sudden changes in your pet’s behavior or health. Timeliness is essential to the wellbeing of our senior family pets.

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