Foxy Gets a Home!

Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Through very unusual and sad turn of events little “Foxy” was relinquished to our custody within days after being purchased. She stayed here with us for a few days being treated for a urinary tract infection and making friends with all of the staff members. In that short time we realized just where she needed to be. Our clients Pete and Elena Ketchum had lost their little fox terrier Josey to a long battle with a MRSA infection last November. Their other dog “Riley” was now alone.

Long story short “Foxy” the Corgi pup was a perfect fit. “Riley” has a new buddy, “Foxy” has her forever home and the Ketchum family is complete. We feel so very privileged to share both the grief and joy that comes along with owning a pet. These are the times when we truly understand our role in this community and the responsibility we have to provide care and compassion for each family that chooses the Animal Hospital of Dunedin for their pet’s needs.

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