Gastritis is inflammation and mucosal damage of the stomach. Acute gastritis is a common clinical diagnosis in small animals. Affected patients present with acute vomiting and lack of appetite which are may often be self-limiting and of short duration.

The underlying cause is infrequently determined as the signs can resolve before exhaustive testing is performed. However any pet that is vomiting, not feeling well or acting abnormally may have more severe signs such as dehydration, abdominal pain, blood in the vomit and/or even diarrhea. Any pet with acting abnormally should see your family veterinarian immediately. In many of these cases the diagnosis is based on history and physical exam, however it is important to rule out more serious conditions such as pancreatitis, a foreign body, or other metabolic disease with similar symptoms.

Simple gastritis can become very severe, quickly. You should see your veterinarian to evaluate the symptoms and condition of your pet. Often supportive care is the most valuable treatment tool, and your veterinarian can help you, help your pet.