Dogs and cats can itch for many reasons, but one thing is for certain: if they are awake licking and scratching, chances are you are awake too! If they scratch frequently and with enough pressure, all that licking and itching can cause inflammation to the skin, otherwise known as dermatitis. Usually you as the owner will notice barbered hair or hair loss, red skin, pigmented skin, thickened skin, possibly even weepiness or scabbing. They can very quickly create an area of raw, weepy skin often with matted hair and scabbing and sometimes odor. This is a focal area of infection, which can be very painful and itchy. Allergies are the most common reasons pets itch. This can be from contacting an allergen, inhaling an allergen, ingesting a certain food, and last but not least…fleas!! Pets can also get skin infections involving yeast and bacteria, and those can also cause irritation, itching, scab like crusting lesions, and odor. Other diseases that can cause changes to your pets coat and skin can be mites that cause a condition called mange, and organisms that cause ringworm (dermatophytosis).

So you see, there are many factors that may be contributing to your pet itching, having skin odor, etc. Our goal is to help you identify what condition or conditions are ailing you pet and what the appropriate treatments are to make them more comfortable and alleviate the problem. Contact us so that we may help you find out sooner than later what the root of the skin issue is and how best to make your pet more comfortable so everyone can rest.