Clutch and his sister Shelby

Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Nikki wanted to share her kids story. …how well he has been improving with his anxiety attacks and how well he is behaving in the care of your staff daily with mental and physical therapy. Especially getting his thunder shirt, he has even improved at home and doesn’t tear up the house anymore. Even without him being so stressful all the time his skin allergies are even improving.

My dog Clutch. We got him from a bad breeder at 6 weeks old and ever since we got him he has had nothing but skin and allergies problems. Dr. Manfredi and I and Rick have tried every option out there for him to feel better and not break out so much in staph infections. With Dr. Manfredi’s help and switching food he has finally calmed down on the skin problems. We also believe that due to his separation anxiety and ADHD issues his rash breakouts were much worse. We would come home to our entire house destroyed, I mean it literally looked like a hurricane hit. We got the thunder vest and he has done a complete 180 change with it. His anxiety levels have changed dramatically and now he spends days in day care at the Animal Hospital of Dunedin. I can personally tell he is happier even his manners have improved. He just wants someone around all the time and before we started taking him there every day he would hurt himself in his cage. He is my child and I would do anything for him.

clutch fluty 4 – Animal Hospital of Dunedin Story on Shelby…. Shelby is my Miami Street Pit Bull. She was found rooming the streets in Miami. Miami has a ban on Pitbulls and I saw her online and I drop everything I had going on and ran down to Miami on a limb and took her off death row. She is my angel and because of her I now have a different outlook on Pit Bulls. When I took her home, she didn’t even know how to play with a toy; all she wanted to do was fight and hated men at first. All she wanted was a warm soft place to stay and now she doesn’t ever leave my side. Clutch and she are best buds. But she loves her alone time while Clutch is at daycare.

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