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Pet Insurance for Peace of Mind – Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Pets are Family and need Pet InsuranceIf your pet has ever become seriously ill or injured, you understand how important having pet insurance can be for your babies. Pets are part of our families and pet insurance can reduce the financial stress if your pet becomes ill or hurt and needs extended veterinarian services. Having insurance for your pet can give you the peace of mind that you are never in a situation where you cannot allow your veterinarian to give your pet the best chance they have at a long healthy life.

Animal Hospital of Dunedin Recommends Pet Insurance for Your Baby

What would happen if your pet was in an accident or became unexpectedly sick with a life-threatening crisis that required surgery or intensive care? It could cost you hundreds, perhaps even more for your pet to be treated. Having pet insurance makes it possible for you not to have to put a price tag on the health and wellness of a beloved family member.

Talk to Your Animal Hospital of Dunedin team member about Any Predisposed Risks Your Pet May Have

Pet Insurance Can Save Your Babies Life
Many breeds of cats and dogs have certain predisposed health risks that you should be aware of. Ask your Animal Hospital of Dunedin Vet if your pet is more prone to have health or hereditary issues that would influence the type of coverage for which your pet would be eligible.

Pet Insurance for Varying Veterinarian Services Coverage and Budgets

What type of pet insurance you choose will depend on many factors that only you can decide on. Animal Hospital of Dunedin recommends you do your research and find the plan that fits your pet’s needs and your budget. You can insure your pet for everyday care or just have a policy that covers accidents and illnesses.

We have dealt successfully with the following two companies and provide these links as a place to start looking for plans and coverage for your pet and budget.