"Biggie" Browning

Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Background: Born Jan. 2004 lived in an abusive home was rescued in June 2005 in Dec. 2005 was hit by an SUV and broke his pelvis in 3 places. Because of pain related to the injuries and subsequent surgeries he began licking his left rear leg to the point of creating a Lick Granuloma (an open sore that is caused by chronic licking). “Biggie” was adopted into his forever home with Nancy Browning in Jan. 2007. When Nancy adopted him the wound was 3-4” open, raw, red and sore. After 8 months of traditional veterinary treatment consisting of cortisone injections into the affected area, bandages, and laser therapy he was limping and still licking the area. Nancy kept covering the wound for the next 5 months but as soon as she uncovered it he was licking in a flash and right back to where she started. Making his situation even worse in Jan. 2008 he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his right rear leg that was removed and he went through radiation treatments (19 in all) throughout Feb 2008. Nancy decided to look for some alternative solution/treatment and took “Biggie” for an Acupuncture Consult with Dr. Todd in May 2008. WOW, after only 3 months the Lick Granuloma diminished and he no longer tries to go after that area. Now “Biggie” gets to see Dr. Todd once a month to keep him in tip top shape. He gets his herbs everyday and Nancy gives him a massage once a month. We are so happy for Nancy and “Biggie” and wanted to share his story. Here is what Nancy has to say

Today, “Biggie” is a happy guy who doesn’t pay any attention to the Lick Granuloma area. Since seeing Dr. Todd, the sore has diminished to almost nothing and is the best it’s ever been in the 20 plus months I’ve had him – it’s amazing. What this tells me is the phantom pain he was feeling in his left hip (no doubt because of the surgery) radiating to his left rear leg is no longer there. He loves to have his left hip massaged as Dr. Todd instructed me to do and I’m just elated with the therapy he’s been receiving. I realize this will probably continue for the rest of “Biggie’s” life but it’s such a small price to pay for a dog that had an awful start in life.

“Biggie” is very loving and attentive to people. However, because of the initial abuse he does have triggers. It took 8 months before he trusted me. I believe because of the successful treatment by Dr. Todd, his disposition with people has definitely improved because the pain is not as acute.

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