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Pawsitive Press for June ’18


Itching, scratching, and biting OH MY!

By: Dr. Michael Bartholomew, DVM

Spring has sprung here in Florida and so has allergy season. Ahhhh, the price of admission for living in paradise! While we never truly get a respite down here from allergies like our friends to the north do, springtime can definitely be troublesome for allergy sufferers. Just like us, dogs and sometimes cats can be the victim of a severe allergic disease. While we humans suffer from red eyes and the sneezes, pets often suffer from intense skin itching, called pruritus, which often leads to secondary infections […]

Pawsitive Press for April ’18

Fur Babies and Kids

By: Dr. Christen Woodley

For a lot of families, our fur babies are our children, our four-legged children that is. Many households also have children of the two-legged variety, and the combination of both can lead to a learning experience for all. There are many positive lessons that can be learned from having a pet; Lessons such as responsibility, empathy, situation awareness, gentle touch, loss and unconditional love. On the converse, children and pets can inadvertently raise some risks for each other also.

When introducing a pet into the home […]

Pawsitive Press for March ’18


Poison Prevention

By: Dr. Wade Matthews

Both dogs and cats explore their world with their mouths. We see a lot of problems with pets ingesting things that are not meant to be eaten. They do not have the cognitive function to think about the consequences of their actions. Their motto is “if it looks or smells good eat it.”

One of the most common poisons that we see in practice is ethylene glycol (antifreeze) intoxication. This liquid has a sweet taste to it and pets love it. The chemical that lowers the freezing point of your […]

“Biggie” Browning

Animal Hospital of Dunedin

Background: Born Jan. 2004 lived in an abusive home was rescued in June 2005 in Dec. 2005 was hit by an SUV and broke his pelvis in 3 places. Because of pain related to the injuries and subsequent surgeries he began licking his left rear leg to the point of creating a Lick Granuloma (an open sore that is caused by chronic licking). “Biggie” was adopted into his forever home with Nancy Browning in Jan. 2007. When Nancy adopted him the wound was 3-4” open, raw, red and sore. After 8 months of traditional veterinary treatment consisting of cortisone […]