Animeals Pet Food Drive


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Animeals Pet Food Drive

Let’s Make Sure Every Pet has a Wonderful Holiday Season this Year!


Please help Animal Hospital of Dunedin with their annual pet food drive. ┬áPets provide stability for their families during trying times. Unfortunately, during financially stressful times, often the pet is the first that is sacrificed in order to be able to afford food to feed the family. Our nation has risen admirably to the plight of impoverished families who need to be fed and there are food banks in nearly every major city to help with this crisis. Many families have been sharing their own food bank portions with their extended furry family members, and those that can’t make the food stretch may have to make the painful decision to relinquish their family pet. To combat this growing issue, many food banks across the nation have added pet food and litter to their pantries. At the Animal Hospital of Dunedin, we would like to build upon this generous spirit and help provide the Animeals Food Pantry of the Humane Society of Pinellas and the Senior Pet Connection with much needed supplies to help those families in need. During the month of December thru January 15, 2018 we will be accepting food, treats, durable toys AND Advantage II on behalf of the Animeals Food Pantry and the Senior Pet Connection. Please help us help other less fortunate families by bringing a donation to the hospital. No donation is too large or too small, every bit will help. We will have treats and Advanatge II available for purchase at a discounted price at the front desk, as every pet deserves a little something extra special this holiday season!

For more information on the Animeals Food Pantry and the Senior Pet Connection please click the logo and visit the site below:

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Happy Holidays From All of Us at Animal Hospital of Dunedin.